November 22, 2009


Last weekend at noon, attending my friend's wedding reception.
Dressed up, ate a lot, and sang couple of love songs ;)


It's been wet and cold days recently.
Vintage grey long sleeve shirt, maroon long sleeve knit used as shawl, Wrangler jeans, and charcoal sneakers from Converse are those what i need to make me warm...


Last friday nite, having chit chat and a bunch of doughnut with some friends.

White baseball tee - Topman
Grey slim fit pants - local distro
White loafers - Matahari Dept. Store
Yellow & orange striped belt - unknown
Watch - Swatch


It was taken about couple weeks ago..

Just ordinary outfit. Baju navy itu juga umurnya udah sekitar 7 tahunan lebih.. Untunglah badan gw segitu-gitu aja ya. Padahal masih pengen weight gain 5 kiloan lg :)

November 19, 2009

#55: Lost & Found

I lost my Chinese flip last week. Someone had stolen it at the swimming pool.
Lumayan kecewa sih. Bukan masalah barangnya, tapi karna tuh sandal adalah oleh2 dari temen gw waktu dia ke China (#37). It's quite a precious gift from my bestfriend, huhuuu.. :(

This is my Rest (hopefuly) In Peace Chinese Flip

But, God is truly fair...

Yesterday, my collegue brought me a brand new flip all the way from Bali! He just came back from the annual music event, Soundrenaline 2009. Inilah oleh-oleh yg dia kasih.....

Lumayan lah menghibur hati yang lara, hehehe...
I lost one, then i found another.

November 5, 2009


Casual dinner with some friends.
Grey marl notch neck tee from Topman, olive green roll up tailored pants, brown loafers, and wristwatch from Swatch.

#53: Last Purchase

No.1: A pair of classic white loafers from local brand bought in Matahari Dept. Store.

No.2: Coffee brown tote bag from anonymous brand.