December 31, 2010


Last look of 2010

Military parachute jacket

|| Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb for this full of blessing year ||

November 26, 2010

November 15, 2010

#99: Festival Kemilau Seni Budaya Benua Etam Kalimantan Timur 2010 (Part 2: The Expo)

There was also the expo at the festival and I found such beautiful unique stuffs from my own province, Kalimantan Timur. These are some of them.

Colorful accessories made from beads with Dayaknese motive

The famous Samarinda saroong

Dayaknese sculpture

Batik from Paser regency

Traditional snacks

Kutai statue influenced by Hindu culture

Wicker furniture


Some other regions in Indonesia also participated in this expo. Here are what they showed off.

Traditional Batik from Siak regency (Riau province)

Lots of Javanese Batik!

Songket (embroidery fabrics) from Sumatera Barat

Acrylic handycraft from Jawa Timur

Javanese & Balinese handycraft


#98: Festival Kemilau Seni Budaya Benua Etam Kalimantan Timur 2010 (Part 1: Traditional Dances)

Last weekend, attending Festival Kemilau Seni Budaya Benua Etam Kalimantan Timur 2010 (Kalimantan Timur Art & Cultural Festival). This is the annual event of Kalimantan Timur government.

One of the agenda of this festival was traditional dance competition. Delegation from the whole 14 regencies/cities in Kalimantan Timur participated in this event. The category was divided into two general type of dance; inland dance and coastal dance.

On stage


#97: New Stuff


Happy to get this cowhide wallet from the expo of Kaltim art & cultural annual festival last weekend. This is originally made in Garut - Indonesia.

This orange looks so Hermes, doesn't it? :-)


Attending the 2010 East Kalimantan Art & Cultural Festival

November 11, 2010


Attending Kalimantan Timur tourism ambassador contest

Topman grey low neck baseball tee
Maroon sleeveless
Grey with white dot trousers
Olive loafers

October 12, 2010

#94: 10.10.10

Last sunday was October 10th, 2010
Perfect triple 10 day!
Attending my friend's wedding reception

October 8, 2010


Simply in shape

Topman maroon military grandad
Thrifted skinny jeans
Alexander Christie mocca strap wristwatch
Pedro sneakers

October 7, 2010


A stranger : Do u study at the college?
Me : *innocent smile* :)