May 31, 2009


As I work in broadcasting, it's a freedom to wear whatever outfit I like. Those are some and I do love that khaki pants!!


About 2 months ago, going around some shops to find a perfect blazer. Unfortunately, I went home with empty hands.
Baseball tee by Topman.


Last friday nite, went to the movies.

May 30, 2009


Another me time weekend.
Went to local education exhibition alone and shot several objects. Here are the objects that enticed me a lot more than the exhibition itself, which reminds me of my fabulous childhood

May 29, 2009


It was taken at last weekend. With a beautiful friend of mine, hang out near by the river, chasing a beautiful sunset, and taking great pictures. These are some of the shots.


It was about couple weeks ago when i went to my friend's sister's wedding bash


My new pair of jeans and it only costs Rp 40.000,-. A great bargain!!

May 27, 2009


It's been my first style to be posted. Clean is the key of mine.


Finally, i've created my own style-blog which represents my very own attitude. People, enjoy and, if you don't mind, please leave your comments.

Regards :)