March 24, 2012

#120: True Blue

New stuffs to show off ;)

1). Cobalt blue webbing zipped pouch with faux leather accent i got from Mirota Batik, Jogjakarta for only Rp.16.000


2). Simple gym bag from Giordano

March 22, 2012

#119: Makassar 2011


I was going to Makassar, South Sulawesi in June 2011. Here are some good places i visited.

Samalona Island






Fort Rotterdam


Societeit de Harmonie

#118: I'm Back!

Hi, people!
Long time no posting. It's almost been a year, rite? I'm just good anyway. I just felt a lot boring about my blog actually. That's why i leave it alone. 
Now i'm back. I won't promise you for something huge different or brand new. It is still kinda a less-talk-yet-a lot-of-pic blog. Just wanna share what i like.
So, lovely blog walkers, would you please give a big applause for my comeback? *wishful thinking :D