October 23, 2009

#52: Wedding Expo

Here are some pictures from the wedding expo that i attended 2 weeks ago.

Below: The creation and modification of Sarung Samarinda in such modern evening dress and suit.

Below: the venue, audience, and trophy of local model competition which was also included in this event.

October 20, 2009

#51: the Glorious Batik

It was a week ago when I become a host for 4 days wedding expo in my city. I had to wear Batik for this event since it's kinda celebration of Indonesia traditional fabric, especially Batik and Sarung Samarinda. These are my interpretation of wearing Batik for this casual occasion.

Below is typical Batik of my own province, East Kalimantan

October 16, 2009

October 8, 2009


Creamy vintage deep v-neck sweater, grey tank top, basic blue-jeans plus sneakers.
Simply casual.


Going to a new friend's birthday dinner. All in black.

#47: Album Review

Here is the latest album from Dewi Sandra called Wanita (Woman). It's been her 5th album of her career so far.

Gw ingat banget dulu jaman SMA sempet punya album kaset kompilasi model2 baru dan kondang Indonesia masa itu yang tergabung dalam Model Indonesia, dengan singelnya Menari-nari. Alasan gw beli album itu pastinya karena tampang2 cantik dan menggoda dari model2 itu. Dan salah satu model yg bergabung didalamnya adalah Dewi Sandra.
Selain nyanyi keroyokan di single Menari-nari, dia juga nyanyi di salah satu single berjudul Biarkan Cinta. Kalo gw bilang sih waktu itu suaranya masih pas2an banget!
Tapi kyknya dugaan itu saat ini mesti gw koreksi deh. Perkembangan karirnya smp skrg sih cukup bagus dan konsisten. Buktinya sejauh ini cukup produktif dan baru aja merilis album ke-5. Masalah teknik vokal yg sempet gw sangsikan tampaknya perlahan-lahan tidak terbukti. Karena seiring dgn kedewasaannya, I must admit that she does learn how to sing! I'm not a big fan of her but I appreciate every step of her way.

It's been my first time having her CD. The reason why i bought is just because her duet with male singer, Alam Urbach 'Sabila' on track no.8 called "Satu Untuk Selamanya". Dunno why, i just love this single. It sounds very simple, melodic, slow down yet touchful. Tapi setelah mendengar the whole album, ternyata lagu2nya cukup asyik dan variatif dgn sentuhan pop yang kental dan sedikit soul and funk.
Over all, it's worth to buy and i must say she's done very well as the singer and producer for this album.


It was just an ordinary casual day of work.

October 6, 2009

#45: The Weekender

About 2 weeks ago me and my friends went to the small cultural village outside the city. We saw the once in a week traditional dance performance by the genuine Dayaknese dancers. The show was so beautiful including the unique and colorful costume they wore. The local and some foreign tourists seemed enjoy the show pretty much.

The venue is a big traditional house called Lamin

Below is the pic of Dayaknese girls sitting on the bench rite after the show.

Below is the pic of biggest reservoir outside the city that my friends and i stopped by at noon before we end up our nice weekend. Very silent and peaceful!

October 5, 2009


It was about couple days ago, being a news anchor. Super black tailor made suit, orange shirt, and yellow-pink striped tie.