January 26, 2010

#71: Carnival

Sunday carnival in my hometown celebrating city's anniversary

Below: The genuine Dayaknese traditional costume

Below: Carnival costumes with the touch of colorful and beautiful authentic patterns of East Borneo Batik

January 16, 2010

#69: Birthday Gifts

Here are some gifts i got for my last week birthday:


Early morning surprise from my close friends.

They gave me this cute choco birthday cake.
Wide smile on my face is enough to show how happy i was :D


Brown strip hunting cap

I'd wanted this since couple months ago. When my friends gave this, i was so surprised! love this a lot!


Brand new cellphone, Nokia 6303 classic

Actually, no one gave this since i had bought it by my own, hehehe.
I had my previous 4 years old cellphone been stollen several days before my birthday. Then i decided to buy the new one since it's kinda primary thing for my whole life. The choice goes to this simple yet elegant with timeless style candy bar handset.

January 8, 2010

#68: My Birthday

It's my Birthday...
It's fabulous being in the late 20s!!!

January 4, 2010


First saturday night hang out in 2010

Bossini purple polo shirt
Roll up navy cargo shorts
White loafers
Tommy Hilfiger oversize watch